Does that age old saying still ring sweet or are you really, REALLY, fed up with the same four walls at this stage?

I’m a home bod. I’ve lived in the same home, well, forever and I love it completely. But! When your home becomes your office, school classroom, restaurant, cinema, work out studio (ok, maybe not that one so much!), then you do start to tire from the same view, don’t you?!

I think at this stage most of us have had numerous furniture reshuffles or painted many a feature wall in an attempt to jazz things up a little. 

But for me? It’s shelves. Yup. I have become completely obsessed with shelves. 

Luckily I’m a dab hand with a drill, so it’s been great fun popping up some practical pretties to add some interest to our walls.

What’s on them I hear you cry (just humour me)! 

Well, let me tell you, there are….

shelves for skincare, 

shelves for plants, 

shelves for nik nacs, 

shelves for cups, 

shelves for make up, 

shelves for books, 

shelves for skincare (yes, a lot),

shelves for haircare…


So, my little lockdown obsession has been very conveniently stocked on these little pages, too.  We’d love to see how you use our shelves around your home, so take a “shelfie” and make sure you tag us.

You can find our spectacular range of shelves, here.

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