Well, that’s more like it! After a sudden end to our 2020 Christmas grotto we were all a little anxious about how 2021 would go, but thankfully it was covid and drama free!

We started setting up the Grotto in October and spent 7 weeks transforming the barn into a magical Christmas grotto (under Santa’s watchful eye of course!). I really wish I’d counted the number of staples, cable ties and batteries we used to bring the magic to life!

Opening in November, we spent a full and fabulous month greeting over 500 children and their families to our magical Santa’s Grotto, and we honestly loved every minute of it. To be witness to children’s big smiles, loud laughter, faces full of awe and hearts full of Christmas magic, was utterly amazing!

Those of you who visited will recall being welcomed in to the chilly winter woodland and then proceeding through to the glistening pink fairy forest. Our visitors were treated as special VIP guests and were then transported in to the North Pole to discover the incredible Toy Making Factory. With toys piled a mile high, it was astounding to see that even more gifts were still being made and wrapped, the toy factory was very busy indeed! With just days to go our cheeky elf friends were very busy running here and there in haste, and Santa’s ‘wrapping robins’ were non-stop making sure the gifts were packaged with care.

Not wanting to delay the proceedings in the Toy Factory, Mrs Claus headed out to greet our families before ushering them in to Santa’s office. With children’s letters cascading from the rooftops, it was clear to see that Santa’s typewriter was still in continuous use to write back to all the children, both naughty and nice! If you had a keen eye you’d also have spotted that Santa’s ‘Reporting Robins’ had been busy returning to the office from their travels with news as to which children had made it on to the nice list. Santa was of course very busy over these few weeks, finalising his route around the midnight skies and his giant world map had been pinned with updates across the globe to help him plan his journey.

Now depending on which day our guests visited they may have met Santa whilst he was perusing his map, or perhaps they first discovered his whereabouts due to some loud snoring coming from his chair by the toasty fireplace. In fact you never quite knew where he’d be, even when he was expecting visitors!

Now it’s not quite so easy to explain what happens next, because, as you can imagine, each visit is very different! Santa Claus met hundreds of children this year and we can assure you, every visit was very unique. What we can report is that some magical moments definitely took place! From the printing of the Nice List certificates, to chatting about the children’s achievements, and receiving their special personalised tree trinket, each visit was jam packed full of fun and festivities. And what a better way to say farewell than with a trip in Santa’s actual magical sleigh, flying across the moon! Just perfect!

There’s no rest for the magical, as we are already planning what will be occurring in this years Christmas Grotto. We’re not going to spill the magical beans just yet, but what we can tell you is that we will be bringing even more enchanting Christmas moments to you all!

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